Recover Deleted Photos

how to recover deleted photos

Recover Deleted Photos

Let’s face it, we have all deleted things that we should not have deleted… Some of those accidentally deleted data can be recreated while other like photographs can never be recreated. You will have to go back in time, and re enact the exact scene to take the photo again. Even if you can get the place, the scene, and all the objects and people in the photo to regroup, you will never bring back the moment and time. Therefore, when you lose a photograph in digital media, the only way to have it back is by recovering it.

Fortunately for you, to Recover Deleted Photos, you need more than the ordinary computer skills. It may be difficult for some people depending on their computer skills but never impossible. You can recover deleted photos yourself without any difficulties or having to pay a geek to get it back to you. Here are some ways and approach to recovering deleted photos.

Look it up on the recycle bin

Whenever you delete something from the computer it goes into the recycle bin unless you delete it permanently. If you deleted photos from any memory either external or internal, it will be sent to the recycle bin. To recover the photo, you will simply open the recycle bin and look for the photo that you lost. You will then right click on it and restore it. The photo will be restored back to its original folder within the computer. If it was on an external memory device, you will need to plug the device back and restore the photo to get it back to its initial spot.

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Restore previous versions of the deleted photos on your computer

You can also restore the previous versions of photos that you deleted on your computer. All you have to do is locate the particular folder that hosted the photos. You can do this by looking up into the memory partitions in your computers where you stored the photos that you deleted. You will then have to restore the previous version of the folder to a time when the photos were still within the folder by selecting the restore version option. The computer will take the folder back to that time. Any developments from then will be reversed and you will find your photos safely back as they were at the time of restoration.

Restoring photos that were in your memory card of camera

If you lost photos that were in your camera or memory card, believe me all is not lost. You can recover these photos if you follow these directions. You need to look for the card or the camera and a USB access port that you will use to connect the camera to the computer. If your computer has a card reader slot, you will simply insert the card into the card reader otherwise you will need a device that will synchronize a card reader to your USB port such as a phone or the camera.

You will then need photo recover software for memory cards. Here is our recommended best photo recovery software. All you need to do is click that link or the green below.  Not to mention, MediaRecover has free recovery program for memory cards. This tool will help you recover the photos you once cherished. You will install the software and allow it to run. You will then select the camera or the memory card, which will be visible in the computer as a drive. The software will prompt you on the intended destination of the recovered files, which you will select. A folder will be formed that will be called “recovered.” You will run the software and when complete you will look for the recovered photos within the folder.

If your computer crashed or it was physically destroyed, you may need hardware instead of software to recover all the files that were contained within the hard drive. Another factor that will affect your ability to recovery your photos is the time that has elapsed lost or deleted them. Photos that were lost long time back are difficult to recover. You are restricted to the time period within which you can effectively get back whatever you lost.  So therefore, Don’t Wait!

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