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Most people have experienced that horrifying moment when an erroneous key stroke sends their favorite pictures disappearing into the abyss, or a destructive virus wreaks havoc across one’s photo library.

Whatever the means through which you might lose your photos, the impact of the loss can vary depending on the nature and significance of the image in question.

And it is for this reason that recovery tools and mechanisms are some of the most sought after items on the internet.

Recovering photos

There are only a select few ways through which you can approach the photo recovery issue, this often depending on the manner in which the photos were lost.

The one thing that you are advised against doing is despairing, because there is always a solution for retrieving lost photos no matter the situation in question.

Most devices are home to tools responsible for recovering lost files, applications that are essentially designed to undelete’ erased items. These in-built recovery tools do not always guarantee positive results.

And it is for this reason that most people turn to third party utilities, these programs offering far more advanced features in the field of recovering lost or deleted files.

Of course, most internet savvy individuals today know enough to maintain proper backups of their photos, typically utilizing picture sharing services. Cloud based systems guarantee security and safety and should compliment any local storage in play.

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Free Recovery software

For most people, even those individuals that might be devastated over the loss of their precious photos. Parting with their hard earned cash in order to acquire third party applications and tools designed to provide superior functionality with regards to photo recovery is rarely a favorable option, so much so that such individuals typically choose to be content with their loss rather invest in these high end programs.

Luckily for such people, money need not become a barrier to one’s determination to recover their lost files; the internet is chock full of free recovery software, programs that might not avail the same advanced features as formally purchase recovery software but which has been known to prove just as effective in retrieving lost or deleted photos.

Naturally most free recovery software is limited by one restriction or another but even those offering free trial periods should be able to achieve their intended purchase before you are required to formally part with some money to utilize them further, some steps to consider in your efforts to retrieve deleted photos using free recovery software including the following:

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  • When you first delete your photos, it is important that you do not make any major changes until you initiate the recovery process. Even after permanently deleting your files, they will continue to exist on your hard drive. However, your computer will not recognize them as anything other than free space. In the event that you install new programs, you just might overwrite the very photos you want to recover.
  • Select your free recovery software as carefully as possible, taking into account the threat of viruses and malware; keeping in mind the risk of overwriting important files, once you select your recovery software, be sure to download the portable version rather than the install version. That way you can run the program without having to install it. In some cases there is the option of running the program from a flash drive.
  • The software, once run, should allow you to select the file type you wish to locate and recover. The common approach is to select all file types, however that will only lengthen the process. You need to narrow your search parameters before selecting the locations you wish searched. It would be better if you actually knew the file name.
  • The program should take a few minutes to hours to complete; but you need not wait for the entire search to complete. If you happen to spot the file you are looking for, you can simply stop the search.
  • Once the process completes you can select the files you wish to recover and initiate the process of recovering them to your chosen location; it is often advisable that you recover your photos to a different storage drive rather than the hard disk from which they were deleted.

If you wish for the software to recover deleted photos intact, you will have to recover them to a flash drive or second hard disk.

The recovery process is fairly direct, especially if you have a free photo recovery software. Download the free trial of our software to see what photos you can recover photos quickly.

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