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How to Recover or Retrieve Files

If you are worried regarding the loss of your deleted files then you need not worry any more as there are several ways to recover the deleted files. But it is only possible to recover files if you discover the loss immediately after the files get deleted. If you rewrite the hard drive after your files get deleted the possibility of recovery is less. Thus, it is always advised by the experts to make less use of your computer till you can recover files back. We have also covered the steps for photo recovery from SD card in another article. If you have any problems related to your lost file recovery, you can try the following ways:

Examine the Recycle Bin

When a file gets deleted in the Windows Operating System, the files are instantly sent to the recycle bin as a safety measure. So, you should check your recycle bin if you face a problem like this. The icon of recycle bin is located in the upper left corner of your desktop. If you find the files that you want to recover in the recycle bin, you can ‘Right Click’ on them and select the ‘Restore’ option. And you would be able to recover them instantly.

Make Use of Your Backup

Make sure that you always keep a backup of your important files. You can also keep a backup of your entire hard disk and your libraries on a regular basis. This will preserve your valuable files as in case any of the files get deleted you would always have a backup of those files. Thus, it is a very good habit to keep back up of your files. Anytime you lose any of your files, your backups will certainly help you to get them back.

Try the File Recovery Software/Program

If you find your file is erased even from the recycle bin, don’t worry as this doesn’t mean the files got completely deleted and no more exists in your computer. In other words, there are full chances that you can still locate and retrieve the deleted files from your computer. Until another file fills up the space, Windows Operating System doesn’t overwrite the actual ones and doesn’t delete them. Thus, don’t use your computer until you recover the lost files. But in order to recover these files you need to take the help of file recovery software. There are a number of reputed recovery software available which are not only easy to use but are highly effective in recovering the lost files from the system as they were before. This software or program also shows you the images that you can recover and are completely free of cost.

File recovery software is also portable which means it doesn’t have to be installed and can be used on the PC without writing them on the hard drive. You can download it in another computer and store it in a flash drive. After that you can attach the flash drive to your computer to recover the missing files.

Hire a Professional

If none of the above-mentioned steps work for you, the last step that you can take is to hire a professional. There are many companies that offer this type of services. You just need to choose the best one which costs less and can get back your valuable files with their assistance.

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Among all the above mentioned solutions, the best one is to use a file recovery software to recover your files. This is a very useful software and is also good for your desktop. For the safety of your files, you must always have such software installed in your system so that you can use them whenever you need to recover them. Some of the benefits of using such software are as follows:

1. Your Important Files Will Always Be Safe

These software ensure you that you are never going to lose your important files. You just have to run a quick scan and then select the files which you want to recover back. This software is extremely helpful in case your backup disk has crashed or if there is any other problem.

2. Available When You Need It

This kind of recovery software is always available when you need it. If you want to recover any file urgently, you can instantly use our software and recover files that you have lost.

3. There is No Risk of Overwriting Important Files

When you are using your computer for web browsing, your computer is always writing data. This data can overwrite the files which you think are important. Thus, if you have a software for photo data recovery you can instantly recover them discarding the risk of overwriting your valuable files.

4. Lots of Products are Available

It is very easy to have a file recovery software in order to recover files because there are a number of products available online. As a result, these are easily accessible and you don’t need to give much effort to get them.

5. No Need to Use the Computer

In order to recover your files, the best solution is having a file recovery software as you need not use your computer. As mentioned above if you use the computer it can take up the designated space of your deleted file. But with this software there is no such risk as you can obtain this software from another computer with the help of the USB device and then enable it on the computer in which you want to recover files. For example active file recovery for Windows users has the ability to detect and recover files that are lost due to accidental deletion or disk formatting.

Deleting or overwriting files have become a very common problem these days and it is necessary to know the ways in which you can tackle this issue. We hope the above mentioned ways will help you in the process of recovering your valuable files.

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