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How To Recover Lost Files

Have you ever deleted files from a hard disk such as Word, Excel, Power Point, email, photos or remove them from the recycle Bin. When You delete a file from a computer, you just remove the file entry instead of the content. Windows simply marks the hard disk space as free for use but the files are still there and cannot be easily accessed by ordinary users. A data recovery program is used to recover deleted data that the user needs. Some of these programs are free while other a sold at a price.  However, there is some situations in which a user may delete data and maybe later change his or her mind.  In this situation if the deleted data was sent to the recycle bin, the data can be restored by the user. If the data was deleted permanently one can still recover deleted data by using a data recovery software.

A lost file can also be restored from a backup, that is if the file has been backed up to a storage medium such as a removable disk.Backing up data is the safest way to prevent data loss.

Recover Deleted Files

Files can also be restored when it has been recently deleted. If you are running Apple MacOS or Microsoft Windows and the files has been recently deleted it may still be in the trash or recycle bin. If the deleted data is in the trash or recycle bin it can be recovered.

This is because when a file is deleted, it is actually just set to be overwritten. If no new data has overwritten the original file, then it can usually be recovered. Your chances of recovering the file are higher if you don’t save anything new .

Recover Deleted Data

There are special companies that specialize in data recovery .One word of caution the services offered by this special companies can sometimes be very expensive. It is only recommended if only the data required is extremely important or urgent. There are many major data recovery companies that you can look into. Big companies nowadays specialize in data back up to prevent data loss. As the saying goes Better prevention than cure. To know more about data recovery, check out our blog article on how to restore lost files.

Recover Deleted Password

There are also companies that specialize in recovering deleted data that is password protected for example:

1. Password Recovery Software


3. Passwordcrackers.

These companies can be very expensive, but the quality of service they provide is top notch.

lost filesThere are two options when it comes to deleting a file, one can delete the file and it goes to the recycle bin, where it can be restored or one can simply delete a file permanently by pressing shift + delete.When a file is permanently deleted, the file is marked as deleted, however it is not removed from the hard disk.Assuming the file has not been overwritten the deleted file on the hard drive can be recovered using a recovery program.

If you have written more data to your hard drive, the old files may have been overwritten. The sooner you attempt recovery the better. If possible download the recovery program on another Mac and do the recovery attempt in Target Mode. Remember you will need a destination disk to store these recovered files and that it may take several hours. I like to use an external drive to recover to.

Any REAL recovery tool is gonna cost money. Even the free downloads just let you preview the recovered files, but won’t go beyond that. .

The program lets you find for free but you need to buy to recover. Still you can find out if there is anything useful to recover before buying.

Other alternative that can be used to prevent data loss such as Deep Freeze. It freezes the system configuration so that in case of any accidental data loss, simple restart restores the data back.

Want to recover your deleted photos and files fast? We’ll show you how.

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