How To Recover Data In a Relaxed Way

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With the rise of technology, it has become easier for people to store information. Nowadays people store information on all manner of devices; phones, iPad, computers, hard disk drives, USB flash drives, CDs, and DVDs just to name a few. When storing information on any device, there is a risk of the device failing or crashing. There is also a risk of one mistakenly deleting the files or information. In such cases it is important for one to know how to recover data from a device once it has been damaged or failed to work.

Recover a Deleted File from Windows Recycle Bin

When one deletes a file from the Microsoft windows computer, it automatically goes to the recycle bin. If there is need to recover the files that one has already deleted, the following steps should help you recover the files.

1. Go to the desktop and look for the recycle bin option.

2. Double click the recycle bin icon to open it.

3. Once it is open, select the files that you wish to restore, right click on the file and choose the restore option. You could also;

4. Select the file you wish to recover, right-click on the file and choose the cut option. Scroll for the folder you wish to move the file to and paste the file in that folder.

How to Recover Data from the Hard Disk

Recovering data from the hard disk is possible because of data remanence. Data remanence refers to the ability of information continuing to exist even after deletion on the hard disk. It is however impossible to recover data that has been damaged on the hard disk drive.

It is possible to recover data stored on the hard disk using softwares. There are several data recovery software designed to help you recover all that vital information that you had stored on the hard disk. We’ve created an article about how to undelete files in more detail. After installing it, select the file types that you wish to recover then select the ‘next’ option so as to proceed to the next step.

After this, select the drive where you had stored your files and run a quick scan that will find you’re the files you had previously lost.

After the scan is complete, you can take a look at the recovered files and choose the ones you wish to recover then select the recover button to get the files back.

Ensure that you save the recovered files on another drive to prevent the data from being overwritten.

If you can’t seem to get this right or you are having a hard time doing it yourself. There are data recovery companies that can do the job for you. Data recovery companies are quite expensive though they get the job done perfectly.

How to Recover Files from a Memory Card

1. The first step is to install a data recovery software that helps in data recovery on your computer.

2. Choose the card you wish to recover data from.

3. After choosing the card you wish to recover data from, press the ‘next’ button so as to scan through the files and recover the files that were lost.

4. After scanning through all the files and recovering the previously lost files, choose to preview the files that you wish to restore.

5. After seeing the previews and determining which files you wish to restore, choose the save option so as to save the recovered files and send them to the folder you think is appropriate.

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