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 What is a File Recovery Software?

File recovery software is the software used for handling and salvaging the files through corrupted, failed, damaged and inaccessible secondary storage media when you are not able to access it normally. Often the files are salvaged from storage media such as external and internal hard disks, solid state drives, storage tapes, USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs and many other electronics. File recovery software is required due to physical damage to any storage devices or also logical damage that prevents it from being mounted by the operating system.

How Does File Recovery Software Work?

Have you ever deleted a file from your computer accidentally or removed a file from your or formatted your memory card or camera? If you want to recover these files back you can use the file recovery software. So, how does the file recovery software work?

When a file is deleted from the computer the first place it goes to is the Recycle Bin. If you empty the recycle bin later, the file become far less accessible. But it is not removed actually. When the file is deleted, what actually happens is the file system of the computer removes the path by which you can access the file. It then designates the space that was being used up by that file to some other files for future use. The ones and zeros that were making the file are still there in your computer until they are replaced by another file. Some parts of that file will stay on your hard drive for many years while some traces are replaced in a span of few hours.

This software can be used to resurrect files of any size and type, from music, pictures and videos to spreadsheets and documents. This software can locate and also store emails, compressed files and executables. The best software is capable of even maintaining the folder organization of your files and it is also possible to recover a complete partition or a drive. This software is very broad in scope and is equipped for recovering files of all sorts of storage media. This is done regardless of how they connect to your computer system or what file structures are being used. Most file recovery needs are for data on the USB drive or hard drive, but it is also possible to recover files from DVDs, CDs and MP3 players.

There is no software that is perfect. They have some flaws like if a file is overwritten partially or otherwise compromised to some extent; the chance of a complete recovery of the file is very low. In another case the chances of recovery are pretty high if there is not much time lapse after you have accidentally deleted the file.

Phases of File Recovery

It is important to understand the four phases of file recovery. Each phase has a different range and level that is associated with it. There are different repair tools and recovery tools that are required to recover a file. Although phase 1 is not necessary every time, it is definitely important to perform phase 2. The four phases are listed below. You can also read through our article on best file recovery solutions.

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 Phase 1: Repairing the Hard Disk.

  In this phase the software repairs the hard disk partially or      completely depending upon its use.

  Phase 2: Imaging the Drive to a New Drive or a Disk Image File.

  The drive is imaged to a new drive which is functioning well and has   no problem associated with it.

Phase 3: Logically Recovering of Files, MFT, MBR or Partition.

Logically recovering the files is also a part of this software. The files can be a partition, MFT or MBR.

Phase 4: Repairing the Damaged Files that Have Been Retrieved Using the Software.

After the files have been retrieved the software will then repair the damaged files if they are found to be damaged. This phase is very important to be performed because no one wants his computer to store a damaged file that can corrupt your computer and make its functioning slow.

Benefits of This Software

1. Has the Power to Surprise You

You will be shocked to notice that this software has the power to recover deleted files from your hard disk or memory card and also after you have formatted any disk.

2. Industry Acknowledged Quality

It is proven safe and effective in many tests. It is also recommended by experts and used by many PC manufacturers.

3. Quality and Award Winning Service

This is a high quality software as it performs all its data recovery tasks efficiently and effectively.

Thus, we can conclude that a file recovery software is very handy and is capable of recovering files quite effectively. Every person using a computer system must have information about this software. If not now it can be of great use in the future.

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