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Recovering data is the process of retrieving lost or deleted files using any method. Recovering data that have been lost, deleted or that is missing is one of the skills that a person owning a computer should be acquainted with. Some of the methods of recovering data are very cheap and do not need any technical know-how. Others are technical and may require some knowledge concerning the file recovery software. Before recovering any data, verify and ensure that the file is completely deleted or is not most cases you may realize that the files may have been misplaced or moved to another folder within the computer. It is advisable that you search the file that is missing from the computer’s hard drive by typing the title of the file and running a search or find on the window of the computer. In many cases there are no results, then you can apply the following methods on how to recover data from the computer.

1. Recover data from backup of the computer

Many computer windows provide backup options. After storing your data in the computer, it is advisable that backup the same data to floppy disk or any other medium. In case the file is not traceable and had been backed up to other medium or floppy disk, then you can easily restore the data from back up without incurring any cost or need for a skilled personnel.

2. Restoring from the trash or the Recycling Bin

Computer hardware running Microsoft windows or apple mac os has a folder called recycle bin or trash that store the most recent delete case you have deleted the data recently, there is a likelihood that you will find the same data in the trash or recycle bin. If the file is present it is easily to recover it. The recovered file can be accessed from the initial point of storage before it was deleted.

3. Purchase a program or Download a freeware software

file recovery softwareEven if a file is deleted or has been even removed from trash or Recycle Bin and are marked as deleted the file is not removed from computer’s hard drive. In case there is no other file that has overwritten deleted data on the computer’s hard drive then a program that can recover deleted files can be installed to recover deleted files. Some freeware file recovery programs which can be applied freely to recover deleted or lost data are not compatible with window vista or 7. After downloading the program compatible with your windows, run the program. In case you are running a software like restoration in window 7 or vistas and you are should run as administrator. You are supposed to right- click to execute and select the option of running it as administrator.

Moreover, apart from these freeware programs there are many companies that have specialized and have created software designed for file recovery. Such companies include the power quest that develop the utility drive image which in many cases you can use to recover data from any hard drive. Ensure that your computer is installed with an active antivirus before downloading any program

4. Apply the service from any company which specializes in recovering deleted or lost data

Instead of purchasing or downloading free software you can utilize services of any local data recovery company or any company found outside the state that carry out data recovery. Data recovery companies handles difficult issues of data recovery .The companies uses very complicated processes to retrieve the lost data. You should note that the services offered by the companies are very expensive. It is only advisable to utilize them in case the data is very important or when reading the data from the hard drive is completely impossible. Such companies include kroll on track, data cent professional data recovery, stellar data recovery, virtual data recovery, Lazarus data recovery, doctor byte, drive savers data recovery, cbl data recovery technologies inc and action front data case the lost or deleted document was protected by password, there are several companies which are specialized in recovering such files. Such companies include password, password crackers, password recovery software and many other companies.

Data recovery is mostly caused by poor storage and management of file within the computer which bring about the inconvenience of trying to recover which may incur some cost. File should be well kept and managed.

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