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Free Recovery Software that is the Real Deal

Yes, you need to use a data recovery service, but if you don’t have a big enough budget to also have them handle your automated data recovery, there are some that are free, and good enough, to carry you and your business through until you can afford to have a service manage both. The major advantage of using a data recovery service is that the software they will provide for you is one that they are well versed in managing. Managing recovery software doesn’t just mean making sure the latest updates are installed, but that the recovery logs are reviewed to help prevent problems from happening. There are many free recovery programs you can use in the meantime to protect your data until you can get your data recovery service account in place.

There is a free version of the popular and respected paid recovery software. The free version can provide you with solid recovery options for personal computers. It is lightweight and installs quickly, and it performs its functions fast. If all you are looking for is to recover documents and pictures, this could be a good choice. The downside is that although it does a masterful job of recovering system  type files like FAT and NTFS, you have to know enough about data recovery to tell it which files to recover. It won’t do it on its own.

There is another free version of a paid program that is competent, and only slightly annoying. With every action that you perform it prompts you to upgrade – but you can ignore that. It also lets you preview files and pictures, as well as doing some deep levels of recovery that will bring back files that some other programs will miss. Again, if you really don’t know the system files well it isn’t going to do the work for you. It also has one of the slower can and recovery times around.

If you don’t know the role that partitions play in your computer architecture then you really shouldn’t be using recovery software and should use a service from the beginning. If you do know how partitions wok then you will appreciate a partition recovery tool. It allows you to identify a partition for recovery only. This can make the recovery process run faster as you don’t have to scan and repair the whole system. It does require that you set the appropriate parameters too, so make sure you really know what you are doing.

Some software are completely free and simple to use. You open the program and click to run the scan and it will recover every file it can find. It has a high success rate. The downside, it won’t work on FAT based hard drives or USB drives. It is really a home tool for those who don’t lead a tech savvy live. It can be a good generic tool on some laptops, if they are not FAT based too.

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When should you use recovery software?

The simple answer is that you should use data recovery program when you have files to recover, such as after a crash or power surge. The more complicated answer is that a software package needs to be incorporated into your monthly maintenance routines with your programs. You want to find and recover damaged files before they cause problems. By running a monthly scan you can detect problems and fix them to keep your system stable. Should you have a problem with the physical hard drive, software really isn’t going to help much and you need the extensive toolset of a data recovery service specialist. They can recover data from both physical and logical problems. Depending on your needs, they can also install a recovery software program that is specialized to their service so they can upgrade your ability to be proactive with protecting your data too.

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