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Is Data Recovery Software Worth It?

If you are looking at all the data recovery software on the market and trying to pick the right one for you – good luck with that. There are hundreds of different programs. The best ones are going to be the ones used by your data recovery service. That’s right, your best bet is to have both, but make sure they are connected.

Is it physical or logical?

The first thing you have to ask yourself when a computer problem occurs is whether it is physical or logical. Physical loss means that something has happened within the hardware that has compromised the integrity of the software (which includes your files). Logical errors tend to come down to operator errors – files get lost, corrupted or aren’t backed up correctly and this creates the problem.

When data recovery software is worth it

Don’t confuse data recovery software with a program that can restore your disk to factory settings, or one that repairs partitions. You also don’t want to rely on just your firewall and security protection software to fix data issues. Real data recovery software is usually managed by a data recovery service. The software is constantly updated and reviewed to make sure there is a complete understanding of what caused the problem, and the best way to fix it. Data recovery can help to automate the process of managing the integrity of your data, and make it less intrusive.

When you need data recovery services

Data recovery services are best when the loss is logical. There is only a limited amount software can do if the file is physically compromised. That is when you need to really use data recovery services to recover data from hard drive. They can untangle the traces of a file to reconstruct its data logic and restore the file. Physical losses are ones that can normally be handled by solid data recovery software. What you are really looking for is the best of both worlds – and you want only one name providing both for very simple reasons.

The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds is created when you use a free data recovery software that is  backed by a data recovery service. By managing the automated side, the  service then  has better knowledge of the pitfalls of your system and can  anticipate problems.  They can also respond much faster should an issue arise.  It is not recommended that  you try and use software from a source different  from your recovery service as they  will not be able to manage its updates and logs as fluidly. That could cause potential  problems in the case of a crash.

Creating a backup and recovery schedule

Your data recovery service can help you set up a backup and recovery schedule  that  utilizes the data recovery software to its utmost. They will then have a  sub-schedule in which they can read the logs from the recovery runs so they  can spot any potential problems and be proactive about their solutions. The great thing about working with the combined method is that using data recovery software can automate a large portion of the service so it runs smoothly, and reliably. The more reliable the automated software schedule, the better the service you will get from you data recovery team.

Setting up protocols to minimize loss

Data recovery software isn’t going to be of much use to you unless you have protocols in place to minimize loss. This goes beyond a backup and recovery schedule that you create with a recovery service, it means training everyone who uses electronic files to perform their tasks in a way that minimizes data loss. This includes performing backups, naming convention and mid-recovery schedules. You want to make sure that you have an organized system for tracking the information stored on various devices and platforms. You may and may not want to also centralize your backups. All of these options are things that a data recovery service specialist can help you to decide between.

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